About Us

Watermarkingonline.com was founded in 2009 as a service providing photographers with ability to protect theirs photos using watermarks online without downloading any software. With it's easy and flexible options it offered large variety of advanced features that photographers could use to create watermarked photos by placing watermarks on their photos.

In 2011 Watermarkingonline.com becomes available to the general public and anyone could easily add watermarks on their photos as any professional photographers. In the time that followed, we found a very strong approval by clients and we had great support for our future work and results. This gave us motivation to continue to provide best quality service in the coming years. In 2013 service has been redesigned with latest technologies and improvements so that we can rise above tough competition and to be unique on the market.

We offer service for protecting images using watermarks for photographers, companies that require protecting theirs digital photographies and any other client who seeks to easily protect their personal photos. Watermarkingonline.com allow information about the owner, usage rights and more to be permanently attached to the content. Watermarkingonline.com is under very active development, and we roll out updates almost every week. 24/7 quality customer support ensures that clients satisfaction while using our service is at top level.